How to Fix Error Code NP 34958 9 on PS4

Console, Several PS4 users have been experiencing the NP-34958-9 error code in the past few days. This issue has caused significant frustration among gamers who rely on the previous generation console, as it prevents them from accessing their digital games. Despite the widespread complaints, Sony has not released an official statement addressing this bug, exacerbating the annoyance felt by affected individuals. The error code primarily appears when using the online service PSN, leaving gamers clueless about how to resolve the problem.

In addition to being unable to access certain digital games after activation, some users have also reported complete loss of internet connectivity on their PS4, which can pose further complications. Fortunately, a few workarounds have proven effective for certain gamers. We will outline these solutions in the following article.

What is PS4 error code NP-34958-9?

A recent bug on the PS4, known as error code NP-34958-9, is causing disruptions for users of the console’s online service, PSN. Numerous reports have surfaced of users being permanently locked out of their digital games. Some individuals have encountered issues with newly activated games, while others have experienced difficulties accessing games after restarting them.

This problem has affected all digital games on the console, leading to significant frustration among gamers, particularly considering that digital distribution now accounts for over 50% of all game sales on the PlayStation platform.

How to Fix Error Code NP 34958 9

As of now, Sony has not provided an official statement or solution for the mentioned error code. Consequently, individuals experiencing this issue may not have access to a fully functional resolution at the moment. Nonetheless, there are a few workarounds that have proven effective for a limited number of users, and we will outline them below.

Fix 1: Switch to a LAN connection

Some gamers have reported that switching between a wired LAN and wireless connections has fixed the issue. If you are connected via wire, try disconnecting and using Wi-Fi, and vice versa.

Once you have swapped between wired and wireless connections, follow these steps:

Step 1) Head over to the console’s settings. Then, go to Network→Set Up Internet Connection.

Step 2) Switch between Wi-FI and LAN connection (the mode you just swapped to).

Step 3) Next, the console will ask for an IP address setting and a DHCP Host Name. Enter Custom for the former and Manual for the latter. Then, type in in the Primary DNS setting and in the Secondary DNS setting.

Step 4) Restart the console. This might fix the issue and let you access all the digital games.

Fix 2: Sign out and sign back into your PlayStation

Follow these steps:

Step 1) Head over to the PlayStation website on a mobile or PC. Log into your account and move to the Device Management section.

Step 2) All of your PlayStation consoles will be listed here. Remove all the devices from this list.

Step 3) Turn your console on and sign back into your device. Set it as a primary device. This could potentially fix the PS4 error.

Fix 3: Switching to a mobile hotspot

A third workaround has worked for some gamers. Follow these steps:

Step 1) Turn on cellular data on your smartphone and mobile hotspot.

Step 2) Disconnect your PS4 from Wi-Fi or LAN and switch to your mobile hotspot.

Step 3) Restore the license of all digital games from this network.

Step 4) Set the PlayStation you are gaming on as the primary device.

Step 5) Simply reconnect to your home network; all the games should work now.


Based on reports, Sony has acknowledged the PS4 error by responding to certain users who have raised concerns about the issue. However, until an official patch is released by the company specifically addressing this problem for the previous generation console, users will continue to be troubled by the issue.

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